I have been a practicing, licensed psychotherapist since 1998 and a professional in the counseling arena for 10 years prior.  A foundational premise of all my work is that people need people.  We need people to be present with us to witness the joys and the sorrows and everything in between.  While just regular, common people who love each other can serve this purpose, sometimes we need the expertise of a professional.

As a professional, I am privileged to acknowledge many close alliances with local medical professionals, schools, courts, lawyers, social service agencies, churches, other skilled psychotherapists and various parent groups. I have been a guest on podcasts like “Relationship Helpers” and the “Parenting Pod” and been a guest on WOMR over the years.

Areas of expertise include: couples and sex therapy, family therapy, trauma, sexual abuse, victim awareness, personal integrity, personal growth, depression, anxiety, addiction, personality disorders and other mental health areas.  I hold 7 certifications and have completed over 500 hours of continuing education credits, updating my skills every year. I am recognized as an expert in high conflict divorce and parental alienation.

My husband and I homeschooled our children for over 10 years, which, in this time of school chaos due to COVID 19 has allowed us to be an asset to those with questions and concerns.

My services are strictly confidential and I provide insurance reimbursed services where a clinical mental health diagnosis is present and private pay services for those who do not have a clinical diagnosis and are seeking consultation, education, wellness and self-growth.

I reside with my husband and two children.  Our son is in college and an incredible angler and our daughter is in high school at Trinity Christian Academy and a talented artist.  We are blessed to have loving family members and friends nearby. Our church home is the Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church in Brewster. For further inquiry about my faith and my practice, please click here. My hobbies include hiking and other outdoor activities, shooting, developing new wellness tools and resources to help families thrive.

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