Twenty Percent Off

Connecting on Purpose!

This weekend only, post a picture on Instagram or Facebook of your family, EVERYONE you live with, engaging in a family activity. The family activity can be a game, an art or craft, letter writing, a fire drill or something else, but you must all be in the picture with some way for people to see or read what you are doing.

Don’t get discouraged about resistance. Even if it is a very short activity, like 20 minutes, put your positive energy into it, appreciate your family members who are on board and do the best you can with anyone who isn’t on board, but don’t dismiss them, unless they are opposing in a way that needs correction or discipline.


  • The adults can really bond over this. Spend a few minutes chatting about it and get on the same page, in agreement that everyone will participate and the adults will not be divided.
  • Consider an activity that you have a pretty good chance of everyone enjoying, though, as stated above, not enjoying isn’t a pass.
  • Remember that with an age and/or developmental gap, alterations may need to be made for younger children and older children may have to accept that they will be doing something that isn’t “cool” for their age. Encourage everyone that the prize is in the connection that you make with each other, not who wins the game of “Trouble.”
  • Adults, don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishment, even if it didn’t go as amazingly as you had hoped. You will learn valuable lessons about your children and the way your family operates and you can build on these lessons!


  • Do the activity and don’t forget to snap one selfie of all of you!
  • Post the image on Instagram or Facebook and if needed, add a remark that lets others know what you are doing.
  • Include “#2020yearofthefamily” in the post.
  • Facebook has no part in this and no responsibility for it.
  • Instagram has no part in this and no responsibility for it.
  • Value is 20% off any family support product in the link above.
  • No cash redemption.
  • Offer ends at midnight on 1/9/20.