Trusting To Express Freely

Taking Things To The Next Level

Welcome to Phase IV of Marital Intimacy!

If you have followed along from the beginning, you know we have covered the following topics;

1. Marital Connection – which covered the essential process of connecting emotionally in order to build trust and feel safe to share yourselves with each other.

2. When Marital Intimacy Misses – which addressed disappointments, disruptions and differences that interfere with a satisfying sexual union.

3. Exploring Sensations – which provided a method of reintroducing yourselves to each other sexually, finding your voice and learning to listen to each other and establishing greater trust and transparency in the sexual experience and your relationship overall.

I encourage you to revisit each of these processes often. You can always benefit from looping back and learning more. This will continue to create depth, meaning and significant in your relationship and insulate you from things like petty conflicts and chronic bickering to more serious damage caused by things like disengagement from each other, emotional and physical affairs and habits like pornography.

In this process, you may have uncovered difficulties like the impact of sexual abuse, negative beliefs established earlier in life about sex and/or your body, barriers to trust and more. If this is the case, I hope that you have tried to be kind and loving to one another and paused the process for problem solving or to seek professional counseling.

If you have developed greater trust, found your voice, honed your listening skills, it’s time for even more fun!

This brings us to Phase IV – Trusting To Express Freely

Sound fun? Well, I hope you have found that in each phase, you can have fun. Here in the “let loose” phase, there are examples of conservatively letting loose and not so conservative. Keep in mind, I don’t write for shock factor and while I write about this topic for adults, I am always mindful that any age can set their eyes on content found on the World Wide Web. You should find nothing that will far exceed your comfort level.

Very Important

I’m sure most of you know about the “Me Too” movement. This movement, which started in 2006, brings awareness to sexual abuse and sexual harassment and breaks silence, which is typical of many who have experienced such harm. Many, many adults have experienced …………

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