The Dopifying of Men and Boys These Days

Do you get it that every time we seem to turn on the tv, news or in the movies these days the boys and men are getting terrible representation? Whether they are kowtowing to a bossy woman, making obscene gestures or noises, getting drunk or on drugs, committing some stupid crime, espousing the effeminate or acting like a pompus a__, or the countless other ways that they are being portrayed.

What was wrong with Davy Crockett, or Huck Finn, Andy Griffith, Superman?  Why have Sponge Bob and Homer Simpson and the many other “men” of today been selling by being so stupid?  I am not up on any of today’s shows, but I get the point from the stories I hear, that it is not good.  Even when an olympic star comes into the spotlight, all too often the story is tainted by some remark or behavior he made, not realizing everyone was watching.

Where are the boys supposed to get their education? And what about the girls?  Where are they supposed to learn who would make a good husband and father?

What brought this on was my prepping for morning meeting tomorrow at the Lamperti Homeschool.  I was looking for something good in The Children’s Book of Virtues, Edited by William J. Bennett, Illustrated by Michael Hague.  I just happened to open to page 38, Boy Wanted, by Frank Crane.  I won’t put the whole story here, but here is a sample.


“Wanted-a boy who stands straight, sits straight, acts straight and talks straight; ….
A boy who listens carefully when he is spoken to, who asks questions when he does not understand, and does not ask questions about things that are none of his business;…
A boy who is polite to every man and respectful to every woman and girl;
A boy who does not smoke cigarettes and has no desire to learn how;
A boy who neither bullies other boys nor allows other boys to bully him;…
A boy who looks you right in the eye and tells the truth every time;…
A boy who is not goody-goody, a prig, or a little pharisee, but just healthy, happy, and full of life.
This boy is wanted everywhere. The family wants him, the school wants him, the office wants him, the boys want him, the girls want him, all creation wants him.”

Tracy Lamperti, LMHC, BCETS

3 thoughts on “The Dopifying of Men and Boys These Days

  1. That is just beautiful, Tracy. So needed. Good going. KV

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  2. The current television men are, as you say, shown to be fools. At the same time, they are made to be heroes by the culture. Society has dropped words like ‘honor’ and ‘integrity’ as outdated. Then the media stands back when something awful happens and can’t find a reason. It does highlight the role parents have in the lives of their kids. If we don’t teach them what is right and wrong who will?

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