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Stewards of Children

"Hi Tracy: My son is turning 18 on Wednesday. I was thinking of all the people that have helped him and us over the years and of course you came to my mind. Thank you for everything you have done to help us."
Proud Mom, September 2013

"I took the Stewards of Children workshop this summer and it's worth it! It was very empowering and eye opening. I think everyone that has kids or works with kids would find it useful and beneficial."
Megan Dugas, September 2012

"I clearly see the importance of this program now! We can't sit back and assume anything."
~Stewards of Children attendee, 2011

"A very hard subject but so crucial to learn tools to help support children in need."
~Stewards of Children attendee, 2011

"Tracy Lamperti's compassionate commitment to developing community accountability for child welfare is inspiring. Her calm, thorough presentation makes her an effective change agent. Thank you!"
~Stewards of Children attendee, 2012

"Glad I came! Looking forward to talking about it with school Principal and Recreation Department."
~Stewards of Children attendee, 2012

"Stewards of Children should be the goal of organization that serve children."
~Stewards of Children attendee, 2012

"The open and direct conversations and stories helped me to realize that it is better to talk about it openly than to suffer alone in silence and darkness." ~Stewards of Children attendee, 2012

"Thank you for this great information to keeping my children safe."
~Stewards of Children attendee, 2012

"I want to acknowledge the fine work and effort that Tracy put into her assessment of the XXXXX case. It is obvious to me that the format is crisp and well organized. But, what shines through is Tracy's ability to pull together historical data that highlight the current problems. Good Show!"
R.B. Supervisor, Dept. of Social Services, 1995

"I spent Tuesday night reading assessments. Tracy, there are excellent assessments and then we have your assessments. You are in a class all by yourself, somewhere light years beyond excellent. Exceptional does not quite capture the quality of your work. I doubt that I could find another assessment worker anywhere in the state who could measure up to your standards. You really have a talent for the work. Impressive. Thank you."
S.R. Area Director, Dept. of Social Services, 1996

"Dear Mr. R, This letter is to inform you that I conducted the XXXXX case review on this date and I cannot tell you how much I appreciated having the family assessment that was done by Tracy. I have been a case reviewer for 9 years and I've never come across an assessment that was a thorough as this one. The case will always stand out in my mind because it represents one of the worst cases of abuse and neglect that I've ever seen......Thanks to Tracy, the children are now being provided with the services that were long over due.... Tracy is to be commended for the quality of work that she does and the children of this commonwealth are fortunate to have a social worker who is as dedicated as Tracy is....It is people like Tracy who give me hope and optimism to continue doing my job."
A.B., Case Reviewer, Dept. of Social Services, 1995

"Thank you for being our alumni speaker at this year's graduation ceremonies.. Your poise in front of almost 800 people was magnificent to watch! Your speech was an inspiration to many of us in the audience, but especially to our graduating class. It is important for young people to know that success does not come delivered on a silver platter, but is, rather, something that must be tenaciously worked for, and you have certainly worked for yours."
Graduation Committee, Cape Cod Tech, 1997

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