Will Men Ever Get It Right?

A majority of these men are engaged fathers who drive their children places, coach their teams, help with homework, read stories, cook meals, clean and work full-time jobs.

When You Feel Deep Despair

This here post is pretty serious. You have friends, classmates, coworkers, acquaintances, or maybe you yourself are in a very desperate place and feeling all alone. Alone can be a pretty dark place and this post is meant to let people who are in this place know that others have been there too and there … Continue reading When You Feel Deep Despair

13 Reasons Teens Have Sex

A teen might be thrilled to begin driving. Their parents might even let them try driving in some remote location. This does not mean they should begin driving at this point in their life.

The Dopifying of Men and Boys These Days

Do you get it that every time we seem to turn on the tv, news or in the movies these days the boys and men are getting terrible representation? Whether they are kowtowing to a bossy woman, making obscene gestures or noises, getting drunk or on drugs, committing some stupid crime, espousing the effeminate or … Continue reading The Dopifying of Men and Boys These Days