Clinical Consultation With “Stuck” Cases

All great therapists want to see their clients succeed in therapy. In fact, pretty much all skilled professionals seek consultation from time to time without any suggestion that the professional isn’t qualified. These therapists recognize when the therapy seems stuck or stalled. There are a variety of reasons for this. With complete confidentiality, therapists and related healthcare, education and other professionals are able to present the parts of their case that are relevant in order to move through the challenge.

Please complete the questionnaire to begin the process of discovering whether this type of consultation is right for you as the professional. If you are the client and feel you could benefit from another view, you may also complete the questionnaire.

Please note – Tracy Lamperti follows guidelines to; ensure confidentiality, ensure that if the therapist works for an agency or group practice, or other office, that this does not go against the policies where they are employed; requires that clients seeking this consultation, talk first with their current therapist in the spirit of transparency, openness and willingness to participate.

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