Clinical Consultation With “Stuck” Cases

For professionals and/or the person, couple, parents or family who is the client.

All great therapists want to see their clients succeed. Whether your mechanic or your dentist or your financial advisor, most skilled professionals seek consultation from time to time with no one having to assume that the professional seeking consultation is not qualified. Skilled professional therapists recognize when the therapy seems stuck or stalled. There are a variety of reasons for this.

With complete confidentiality with Tracy, therapists and related medical, educational and other professionals are able to present the case in order to identify and move through the challenge.

Aso with complete confidentiality, clients can present their case, for guidance, direction, a fresh perspective, to either return to their own trusted therapist or take a new direction with self-care or a professional with a different skill set, expertise or specialized training.

Please complete the questionnaire to begin the process of discovering whether this type of consultation is right for you.

Please note – Tracy Lamperti follows all ethical standards outlined by the ACA, MaMHCA, NASW and others when it comes to working with other professionals.

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