Screen-Free Week 2013

Tell me...Are you in?
Tell me…Are you in?

This Monday marks one week until the beginning of Screen-Free Week 2013!  Are you in?

As a practice run, I will be having a screen-free 24 hours.  Not my children, not my husband…Just ME!  Just to get me in the right mind-set for the next week.

After a harrowing week of constant bombardment of media following the tragic Boston Marathon bombing; the usual bombardment of other “screen” overstimulation, I am expecting that it will be refreshing to do a little cleansing in this regard, kind of like when I’ve been eating too much sugar and need to just cut it out for 24 hours.

Will you join me, this Monday and then the following week?  I hope so.

So if anyone needs to reach me, you’ll have to call:-) 774-722-5919