Rates vary by service. Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please consult with your Insurance Provider. Consider the following questions:

Do I have mental health insurance benefits? What is my deductible and has it been met? 
How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover? 
What is the coverage amount per therapy session/do I have a co-payment? 
Is approval required from my primary care physician? 
Is Tracy Lamperti in network? Does my therapist need an authorization to provide services?

Payment is expected at the time of service. Cash, check, credit or debit cards are accepted.

Cancellation Policy Missing a scheduled appointment without notifying Tracy Lamperti by phone at least 24 hours in advance, will result in a $40 fee.***

Education, consultation and training fees vary by program. Please see specific program or contact Tracy Lamperti directly.

Diagnosis In order for your insurance to be billed, you will need to submit to an initial assessment, which may be in the form of an interview with Tracy Lamperti, questionnaire, survey or any other agreed upon assessment tool. If a diagnosis is identified, claims will be submitted to your insurance company. If a diagnosis is not made, or you do not wish for your diagnosis to be recorded and/or submitted to your insurance, you will be responsible for the agreed upon fee.

The following services are covered by most insurance companies.  Your plan may have a copay or deductible.

Diagnostic Psychotherapy (90791) $190

Individual Psychotherapy (90834) $145

Couples/Family Psychotherapy (90847) $145

The following services are NOT typically covered by insurance.

Clinical email/text/phone consultation with client or parent $145/hr (billed in 15 min. increments)

Clinical email/text/phone consultation with other professionals – $145/hr (billed in 15 min. increments – must have written consent.)

Records review – $145/hr (billed in 15 min. increments)

Written treatment summary – $145/hr (billed in 15 min. increments)

Travel time to off site session (school meeting, in-home intervention, etc.) $35/hr ($10 minimum.)

All court related services (travel time, deposition, subpeona, testimony, waiting, etc.) $205/hr. (billed in 15 min. increments) and requiring a $1000 retainer.

All emergency services/crisis response (in person and by phone) $160/hr (billed in 15 min. increments)

Records copy and release $20 **

Missed appointment without 24 hours notice $40 ***

Parent-Child Supervised Visit (on site at the office of Tracy Lamperti) $65/hr.

**   By Law, only documents created by this office are permitted to be released.  

*** As a matter of policy, all appointments missed without 24 hours notice will be billed the designated fee.  You are encouraged to request that the fee be waived or reduced under special circumstances.   Final decisions made by Tracy Lamperti will stand.  Tracy Lamperti is very reasonable when it comes to illness and last minute, unexpected or unavoidable circumstances and asks that her clients honor and respect her with the time they have reserved.