To My Clients,

In 1998 when I opened my private practice, I don’t believe I or anyone else in my profession had ever even conceived of the possibility that we might one day conduct our services by video.  Prior to opening my practice, much of the services I provided were actually in the homes of my clients and records were kept by pen and paper and stored in file cabinets.

Twenty plus years later, major technological advancements and a global pandemic have brought all of us to a new reality, with some plusses and some negatives.  I’m proud to say that when the pandemic sent us all to “socially distance,” my office went remote for only 3 months, at which time I came back in the office and saw everyone in person who wanted to be seen in person.  Serving my clients well has always been my top priority.

I have come to a crossroad where taking a serious and in depth look at my business model has been necessary.  Among the considerations have been; the needs of my clients, the high volume of need in our communities, the amount of time I have available to take on new clients and the cost of doing business.

Together, with my husband and a few close colleagues, I have come to the decision to let my office go and conduct all of my therapy through my HIPPA compliant telehealth platform beginning June 1st.

I know that this will be a disappointment to some of my current and prospective clients.  I regret that and will encourage those who are hesitant to either give it a try or seek another qualified professional.

In addition, I will be converting the marriage and family programs that I have designed, to online courses, which will be enhanced by my professional support, resulting in more services being available to a greater number of people who are currently seeking therapy and unable to find a therapist. 

Further, I have increasing requests for consultation and speaking engagements and am able to support the public with positive mental health through these events.

Most of my current clients will have this information prior to reading it here, if that has been possible, but please know that I welcome anyone with concerns or questions to contact me directly.