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  1. Hey Tracy,

    Shall we try to get something on the calendar for mid-June or July at The Chapel On The Pond? It could become a full day of child advocacy. I have just ordered a DVD called “Restoring the Sanctity of Life” from Truth in Action Ministries and perhaps we can offer your program in conjunction with this one aimed at ending abortion. Protecting our children from abuse after birth shows we continue to value the LIFE God intended for them. Psalm 127:3.

    Too much all together? Your thoughts? Of course the program would have to be well advertised, offered for free, and sponsored by Boathouse Ministries. I have a larger Board now and we can offer refreshments. What do you think our costs would be per person? I am thinking of purchasing a screen so we can see DVD’s and films.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, dear Blog- Queen.

    Bless you, Kathy

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