To help those seeking therapy with Tracy, the following information sheds a bit of light on the wait times for new clients. Tracy encourages people to continue looking for a therapist while on the waitlist.

All new client requests must come through submitting the form below, including paused or closed (previous) clients.

During the 2020/2021 pandemic years, the therapy wait time could be anywhere from a 6 week to one year depending on a variety of factors. Click here for a comprehensive write up on the topic.

New Requests
Aug ’2110
Sep ’2111
Oct ’2110
Nov ’219
Dec ’215
Jan ’227
Feb ’2210
Mar ’2217
Apr ’2217
May ’22
June ’22
July ’22
Aug ’22
Sep ’22
Oct ’22
Nov ’22
Dec ’22

AS OF APRIL 1, 2022, Tracy cannot provide any estimates of the wait period or correspond with you any further about your therapy needs. Tracy will contact you when your name is reached and an opening becomes available.

*Please note, Tracy no longer provides child therapy (age 16 and under), but instead, works with children in the context of the family, as in family therapy and/or parent consultation.

Thank you for sharing this information. Click below to be added to the waitlist. You will be contacted as appointment times become available.