Thrive Conference, Cape Cod Church

Tracy Lamperti brings 30 years of education and professional experience in the mental health field to the local community and beyond through radio and podcast.  Her expertise spans areas from; individual, family and couples therapy, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders.  She has presented publicly on; personal integrity, personal safety, sexual abuse prevention, traditional parenting, emotions and healthy marriages.  Tracy has spoken at parenting expos, schools, churches and other community venues in addition to her office in Brewster, MA.

Tracy Lamperti speaking to a group of boys and their parents about decent and civil behavior at the lovely Wequassett Inn in Harwich, MA.

These are some of the things that Tracy will provide for your experience;

  1. A 10-20 minute phone consultation for the purpose of learning about your group’s needs and interests and to tailor the presentation specifically to your group.
  2. Outline of your specific presentation point requests.
  3. Early arrival and casual departure.
  4. A flyer for you to hand out for your event.
  5. Help with promoting your event, when appropriate.
  6. 1:1 work with venue organizer on any additional needs or interests.
  7. 10% discount to your attendees on all Family Support Products designed by Tracy Lamperti.
  8. Access to private support group for your attendees.
  9. Access to free downloads for your attendees.
  10. Interactive break out work groups when appropriate.

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