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What’s this?  You didn’t know you could invite me to talk to your group of friends or colleagues, for FREE!

Yes, it’s true!  I am in my 25th year of practice and have set some ambitious goals to reach individuals with information about;

Child Sexual Abuse

Personal Safety

Sexual Integrity

For this entire year I will come to your group, at no charge (within a certain distance) and introduce or elaborate on a variety of topics, such as;

  • Grooming – How sexual predators “groom”/or condition children for abuse and silence.
  • Questions to ask of “Child Serving Organizations” to ensure to the best of your ability that the program is as safe as possible for children from sexual abuse.
  • Things to consider when taking your family out in public or on vacation to raise awareness of safety and protection.
  • Sending your child to school as a confident child who will resist negative influences, stand up against bullying and respect themself and others.
  • Building a family environment where media and electronics do not destroy.
  • Teaching youth the truth about relationships and how to protect their heart and health from myths and pressures of our sexualized culture.
  • and much, much, more!

What is your group interested in talking more about?

Contact me by phone, email, Facebook, twitter, linked in…….or any of these methods to ask me what I can do for your group, or tell me what your group needs.

Thank you for allowing me to continue to serve!

Tracy Lamperti