Tracy is currently providing in-office services on Mondays and Tuesdays and Telehealth on Wednesday through Friday.

Arrival and Departure

Session length is 45 – 50 minutes. There is no indoor waiting room to my office. Entering through my door puts you directly in my therapy space. As such, the door is locked when I am in session.

This is the sign you will see on my door that will indicate if I am ready for you to enter. Please do NOT knock if the sign says, “In Session.”
This office is set up with at least four clocks, to keep me on target and to help my clients manage their therapy “hour” and not feel stuck at the end of the time, right in the middle of a difficult piece of emotional work.

There are great chairs from the Woodworks Shop in the Village scattered around and a bench on the deck outside my office.

When the weather is inclement or cold, feel free to wait in your car and trust me that my door will be open to you a few minutes before your scheduled hour.


There are public restrooms right below my office on the first floor at the back of the building. Trust me when I say, these are very respectable public bathrooms and they are checked regularly and kept very clean! These bathrooms are unlocked during the Village hours, which are typically 10-5. There is a bathroom in my office for when the public bathrooms are locked.

Handicap Accessibility

There is an elevator right beside the restrooms below my office which is also unlocked during Village hours. If you require an elevator, to see me outside of Village hours, please let me know the day before so that I can ensure that it is unlocked for you. The door to get in to the elevator is very heavy. I will help you with it if I know you have a need to use the elevator.


Hydration is so important, we all know it! Emotional work can call for an even greater need for hydration. Try to remember a bottle of water as I am no longer permitted to use my dispenser due to COVID-19. If you find yourself without, I can offer you a small sealed Poland Spring bottle.

Comfort & Privacy

Your comfort and privacy during your session is of the greatest importance to me. The Village is much loved by locals and travelers and often bustling with activity and positive energy. At the same time, I think of my therapy office as “The Vault.” Your confidentiality is locked down tight when you receive my services. As I settle in to this new space, please provide me with any feedback or suggestions that you feel would be helpful or necessary for you to feel the most comfortable.

Tracy Lamperti, Psychotherapist