How Do You Say PASSION?

So many couples think they need the tiny black dress, dinner, candles and flowers for a passion filled night.

Passion comes in many different forms!

Passion is born out of the love of your life recognizing you as the woman (man) they chose!

Passion is born out of the other person taking the time for you!

Passion is born out of the other person doing the thing they know you love!

Passion is born out of having fun together!

Stop using the children as an excuse, or your schedule, your work, your fatigue, your irritations and all the other things you can think of. Are all these things true and logically make sense? Probably.  If it’s working for you, keep doing it. If you feel yourself drifting farther and farther away from the person you vowed to love and cherish forever, then time to rethink.

I love to play Chinese Checkers and since I know it’s not my husband’s favorite game, it’s a sign to me of deep love and devotion when he takes me on for a game and puts his whole self into it! NO distractions! Makes it fun! Tries his hardest to beat me!

No money? No problem! Enjoying one another with the things you have is free! Not that a dozen roses, little black dress and candlelit dinner doesn’t have it’s place, but what, are you going to restrict your full expression of love for one another to once a month? Or once a year?

Commit to teaching the children to sleep in their own beds so that you can reclaim the marriage bed!  You never know (or maybe you do!) what a feisty game of Chinese Checkers will lead to behind the closed door of the bedroom after the children are fast asleep!

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