Exploring Sensations

Whether you and your partner are comfortable with the expression of physical love already or in repairing, restoring or further developing your sex life, it is beneficial to take some time to explore the wide array of physical sensations that the body can experience.

For this writing, I am using “have sex” and “make love” interchangeable. The two are not necessarily synonymous, because one can “have sex” with a stranger. But for the committed couple, there isn’t a great need to split hairs, however, this process is one of making love between you.

It is valuable information for both of you to know what each of you enjoys and does not enjoy.  

Who is this process appropriate for?

  • Couples in committed relationships
  • Newlyweds
  • Longstanding married couples
  • Very shy or inhibited adults
  • Couples with a desire discrepancy or mismatch
  • Couples where one or both are impacted by past sexual trauma
  • Couples where one or both have little experience
  • Couples who desire a strong, healthy, deep, loving, committed marriage

This process will serve the following purposes;

  1. Help you discover sensations that you may not have experienced before.
  2. Help you discover how to deliver the touch that your partner likes and avoid that which they do not like.
  3. Help you find your voice to express what you enjoy and what you do not.
  4. Trust in yourself and your partner more deeply. 
  5. Build confidence to speak up.
  6. Help you feel empowered to ask for what you need.
  7. Spark your creativity and willingness to try new things.
  8. Create a feeling of safety and togetherness.

Trust is a key factor, the most important factor to having a meaningful, emotional, sexual experience with your partner.  When you trust your partner to touch you in the most personal and private areas of your naked body, that is when you can let your guard down and allow yourself to relax and open your body and mind to the full depth of the experience and your relationship.

For more information on Exploring Sensations, click the PDF.