Don’t Turn Your Back on the “Facts” Your Children are Learning in School

“Family Sex”  How could I not click the link and read on with my commitment to children?

Now there’s an idea!  “Tweak a human cell to match Neanderthal DNA, and implant it in a chimp or human mother.”

It is rare that I say something about public school, in that my children don’t attend public school and I have many great alliances with the public schools due to my profession.  But parents of public schoolers, here is an excellent reason for family dinners.  Make sure you are finding time every week to connect with your children about what they are learning in school!  When you have lots of family time with your children that is pleasant, they will spontaneously share what they are learning at school.

This article is a top candidate for classroom discussion; efforts to modify the human race, under the guise of progressive science; presenting theory as fact, i.e. “Neanderthals had family sex…”

The fact that National Geographic is intertwined means that the schools worship it as all fact.  National Geographic can pair an awesome photo with any tagline and the tagline is “fact.”