Do You Choose the Health & Wellness Model or Illness?

image.pngMany of us are looking for growth opportunities for our children.  We want to support their health, wellness and positive emotional development.  We want to assist them with healthy character traits development.

As a therapist for over 25 years, my passion is to work in the wellness framework, even in the most desperate of circumstances.

Managed care, and basically, America as a whole, pushes us to gain an understanding of what is “wrong” by giving a diagnosis and a corresponding medication.

When we could put recess, gym class, music and art back into the curriculum, as it was in the past, we are instead putting “movement stations” in the classrooms. This sends the message that sitting quietly at any given time is unrealistic and/or those who can’t sit quietly have a disorder.

When we could expect young people to put down their electronic devices before dinner and relax their brains from such static for at least 2 hours before bed, we are giving them too much free reign.  Schools adapt to sleepy students by adjusting the school start time.

When we could turn off the despicable content on the TV, we are letting them watch almost whatever they want, and many parents are watching it with them. When the children then act out these behaviors, we call a therapist and speculate about what diagnosis they have.

When we could offer healthy foods, we are instead offering convenient foods.

There are SO many things keeping all of us from health and keeping children from healthy brain, body, soul and mind development.

An essential oil applied to the nape of the neck or bottom of the foot isn’t going to fix this. However, if you are interested in supporting health and wellness and are looking to make positive changes, little by little, step by step, essential oils can be part of this process.

We have so many options to explore before letting our children be labeled with a diagnosis and given a prescription.  Let’s give them healthy tools and options and see what they do with them.

If you would like to:

Enhance focus vs. treat ADHD

Enhance feelings of calm vs. treat anxiety

Improve prosocial behavior vs. treat ODD

Instill hope vs. treat depression

I would like to support you. I bring a full understanding of diagnosing, a license to practice and ability to accept almost all insurances to the table so that treatment options aren’t being overlooked. I am not anti-western medicine. I interact well with local pediatricians, PCPs, psychiatrists, nutritionists and other therapist.

Please visit and click the “book an appointment” button for your complimentary session, or call or text Tracy at 774-722-5919.

You or your child will NOT be given a diagnosis at this appointment.