Clinical Consultation In Divorce, Guardianship and Custody Cases

Divorce, guardianship and custody issues always involve some level of challenge. Even when a divorce is amicable, adults come for guidance and assurance that they are navigating the process as well as they can, and to learn if there is anything they could do that that they aren’t already doing to ease the process for their child(ren).

Other times, the process can be very contentious and even hostile and alienating. In either case, a mental health professional, qualified in these matters can be a great asset for the adults, and the children can benefit from it as well.

These types of cases are a specialty, whether the therapist is working with one parent, the other parent, the child(ren), grandparents, etc. For a variety of reason, a therapist can become overwhelmed by these cases, whether sufficiently trained or not. Therapists will be better able to serve their client and protect themselves from liability claims with professional consultation.

Please note – Tracy Lamperti follows all ethical standards outlined by the ACA, MaMHCA, NASW, Board Policies and Guidelines (Allied Mental Health) and others when it comes to working with other professionals, divorce and never married custody issues.

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