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Darkness 2 Light

For just $25 and 3 hours of your time you will be amazed about how well equipped you can be at protecting children from child sexual abuse.

Certain licensed professionals will receive 3 CEUs. This workshop is perfect for anyone who would like to increase their knowledge about how to protect children from sexual abuse. It is especially helpful with teachers, daycare providers, faith centers, after school programs, youth sports programs and youth clubs.

What: Stewards of Children Training
Date TBD
Orleans Area, specific location to be announced.
$25 per person

Darkness 2 light

Adults are Responsible for the Safety of Children

We strap children into car seats, we walk children across busy streets and we ask our teenagers questions about where they are going and who they will be with, all to keep them safe. Adults should also be responsible for protecting children from sexual abuse.

Why don’t adults do a better job? Child abuse statistics show that adults do not adequately protect children from child sexual abuse. There are a lot of reasons why, but the main reason is that THEY DON’T KNOW HOW!!!

Research suggests that adults are unaware of effective steps they can take to protect their children from sexual abuse. Most do not know how to recognize signs of sexual abuse and many do not know what to do when sexual abuse is discovered.

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Be a leader in showing that your community is COMMITTED TO PROTECTING CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL ABUSE!

When schools, daycare providers, faith centers, after school programs, youth sports programs and youthclubs complete the program it sends a clear message they are WATCHING OVER the children in their care. DISCOURAGE OFFENDERS FROM TRYING TO GET TO THE CHILDREN IN YOUR COMMUNITY.

When the fire departments, police stations, libraries, town officials and others in your community complete the program it can dramatically improve the chances that the PLAN OF ANY OFFENDER OR POTENTIAL OFFENDER WOULD BE CONFUSED AND DISRUPTED.

Encourage your whole community to do all they can to protect children from CSA by becoming a Steward of Children and proudly display these certificates all around the community!

Insist that anyone who cares for your child, (1) received awareness training about how to keep children safe from sexual abuse, and (2) has a prevention plan in place that all of their employees and/or volunteers are aware of.

This can be a very difficult subject to broach especially with people you don't even know, or people that it would be "assumed" that we can put our full trust in.

The BEST opening can be, "I have been trained in the Darkness to Light, Stewards of Children program, which aims to bring awareness about child sexual abuse. Are you familiar with the program? Prior to finalizing my decision to choose your service I would like to talk with you about what your policies are in regards to this issue."

The Stewards of Children program equips adults to have these conversations. We are not just talking about children being violated by adults. Often times it is a "larger or older child or teenager."

Is your child 3 months old and you are forced to return to work and choose a day care setting?
Is your child 3 years old and entering preschool?
How about a 5 year old entering grade school?
Or an 8 year old starting piano lessons?
Maybe a 12 year old going to summer camp?
Or a 15 year old going away for the weekend with a church youth group?

Ask the questions!
It is so important to trust your instincts. But where this topic is concerned, it is your responsibility to rely on information, rather than just instincts.
It is so important to teach your child about "good touch/bad touch," trusting their instincts, what to do if they feel uncomfortable, etc. but it is not your child's responsibility to protect themselves from being sexually misused by someone. It is an adult responsibility!

This is an empowerment program, not a paranoia or scare based program. Even given the numbers of 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys being sexually abused before their 18th birthday, it is important to keep a sense of perspective. While we have to keep in mind that there may be offenders operating in the local community, the vast majority of people do not sexually abuse children. Our number 1 defense and method to keep children safe in our community is to begin to talk about CSA and educate ourselves about CSA.

Darkness 2 light


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