COVID Career Displacement

Have you been turned upside down occupationally by COVID?

In the last six months, COVID-19 has turned some lives upside down. Some industries are thriving; e-commerce like Amazon, web developers, online marketing companies, grocery stores, freezer and cooler suppliers, sporting goods, pools, grills, patio furniture, air conditioning and so many more, while others, like hotels, sports/theater/movie, restaurants and bars, photographers, dentists, clothing stores, small shops and others have disappeared or experienced extensive hardship.

Not only does money not just disappear, but three trillion dollars have appeared via the printing press. There is a major redistribution of wealth occurring. The money might be disappearing out of your life, but the money has not vanished! It is there to be made.

There is a major change-up of where people work from and how children are being cared for, with online activity exploding.

If you are in one of the “lucky” industries, awesome! You probably aren’t much in need of reading this. If you are not, this is for you.

I would like to draw your attention specifically to the Strong Interest Inventory® assessments. This assessment tool has been around since 1927! There are 100 years of norming of results and they are very accurate and beneficial and will open doors to possibilities you may not have even considered.

This is not the time to sit back waiting for the trifold chaos (virus, social unrest and economic crisis) to end. This is the time to explore possibilities! These assessments can be completed from the comfort of your own home, online.