Everyone needs thinking time?

We all need a time and a space to ponder why we do what we do and why we think what we think. We all need some time alone, time to learn something new, either through reading, watching or listening, and time to kick it around with a loved one or friend.

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee!

Depending on your season of life, you may be pondering things like; how to get everything done in a day, when to exercise, how to make your marriage better, what are the developmental milestones you are working toward as a parent and with your children.

“Pop (ular) Psychology”

With our always-on access to social media, google, medical and everything else you can think of at your fingertips, it’s easy to get swept up in popular theories. As in the “telephone game,” where a message gets passed by whisper from one person to another around the circle, words and meanings can get changed. It is common for someone with no credentials, who has a large following, (we call them “influencers” now), to start talking about a mental health disorder, or you name it, anything else, and it becomes “expert” and “fact” among a lot of people. Next thing you know, (next thing I know), people are coming in for therapy, explaining to me what the diagnosis is, what kinds of medications are prescribed for it, and how none of the other therapists were able to fix it. Well, in most cases, I can’t fix it either, because they are basing their “diagnosis” on false information, or information that is misunderstood.

I will be using this space for some Pop Psychology clarification and other information that a lot of people are naturally curious about and would like to know more.

Feel free to contact me if you would like me to cover something specific that you are thinking about.

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