Chestfeeding or Breastfeeding

Does my profession make peoples’ lives better or worse?

Have you noticed that we come up with a name for something and then that something becomes a mental health epidemic.

ADHD is a great example. Have a look at this chart from the CDC. (Click the image to be taken to the article.)

The symptoms cluster was defined and labeled/named. Medication was developed. Therapists were trained. Strategies and treatment constructs were established. Teachers were trained. Doctors were trained. The numbers have not stopped rising since, which begs the question that the inquiring mind wants answered, have we become better at identifying and treating and that’s why the numbers keep going up, or have we all bought into the pop-psychology mindset of, “I have ADHD.” “I have addiction.” “I have mental illness.” “It’s my ‘mental illness’ that’s causing this.” “There are lots of reasons why ‘I can’t….’ [sit still, stop eating cookies, using drugs, etc….] and none of them have anything to do with me. “

What about Opiod abuse? Are we making a dent there?

Of all the things our children could be studying in health class…. we prioritize educating them on what substance abuse is, how people abuse substances, how people “huff,” how people cut, how people make themselves throw up.

Have a look here at why the DARE program failed and lost it’s funding.

Can you imagine a world where we teach children, all children, the qualities of successful men and women? Teaching children how to conquer tough challenges? How to get what they want and feel the way they want to feel without drugs or throwing up or huffing. There are so many topics and so many resources, but instead, we sit them down and essentially instruct them on how to harm themselves.

Moving on, what about identity?

But let’s take gender disruption or confusion for example. Your child now has over 64 titles to choose from concerning who they are.

Do you think the move to remove the “concept” of “man” and “woman” is a new thing?

Absolutely not! And the American Psychological Association was one of the trailblazers.

The removing of pronouns, changing terms from “breastfeeding” to “chestfeeding” and passing executive orders allowing biological males to compete against biological females, which all took place over the last month is really not the beginning of this. Not at all.

Why would someone like me do a double take when a headline catches my eye about changing “breastfeeding” to “chestfeeding?”

I am sharing the Snopes article because it outlines what the article said and verifies the original source of what was said.

What was the APA up to 30 years ago, and why?

Note the date on the article link. 1991. Back in 1991 (30 years ago!!!!) the leaders in my field and the medical field were already in the throws of shifting the culture when it comes to the way our children think about themselves.

And today, your child has 64+ terms to choose from when it comes to expressing who they are, how they want you to see them and treat them, and the rights they have. Call me simple, but if our children are bogged down with this, when they should be “bogged down” with learning basic academics, growing a healthy body and mind, being a contributing member of their family, their class and their community, they are actually plucked off that path and put on the path of, “Are you sure you are a ‘her?'”

More than 64 titles to choose from!

So who is raising your children anyway?

We, as parents, have become complacent. We are busy. We took the “It Takes a Village” to mean, “I’ll give my children a roof over their head, they can learn about sex at school, the coaches can manage their physical fitness and social needs….”

Parents, your time is NOW!

The “village” isn’t going to answer for how your children turn out and the “village” isn’t going to give your children everything that they didn’t get from you while growing up. Well, maybe the village will give it to them. It depends on where this whole wave of socialism goes. We give to our children parenting that helps them become strong, confident, self-sufficient, humble, kind, smart, helps them know how to get what they need and want when it’s not delivered to them on a silver platter. We give our children the coping skills and the skills of managing their emotions naturally and maturely when their emotions become very difficult or painful.

It’s never too late to be a family!

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