Defense Mechanisms

Everyone has them. Some are good for you and some are not. This is not an exhaustive list, but you're sure to get some insights with the ones that did make the list.

Insurance vs. Private Pay

I am very aware that most Americans pay a lot of money for their health insurance and it is fair to assume that they want to use it! Upon close consideration, some will decide that, in fact, they will use it, while others may feel the best option is to pay privately for mental health … Continue reading Insurance vs. Private Pay

Do You Choose the Health & Wellness Model or Illness?

Many of us are looking for growth opportunities for our children.  We want to support their health, wellness and positive emotional development.  We want to assist them with healthy character traits development. As a therapist for over 25 years, my passion is to work in the wellness framework, even in the most desperate of circumstances. … Continue reading Do You Choose the Health & Wellness Model or Illness?

I Can’t Shake These Feelings

Every so often I notice a theme emerging in my psychotherapy practice.  As of recently, the emergent theme has been with women and questions have come up about how essential oils may be of help, since I am always diffusing Young Living Essential Oils * in my office. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I am blessed with a great … Continue reading I Can’t Shake These Feelings