Chestfeeding or Breastfeeding

Does my profession make peoples' lives better or worse? Have you noticed that we come up with a name for something and then that something becomes a mental health epidemic. ADHD is a great example. Have a look at this chart from the CDC. (Click the image to be taken to the article.) The … Continue reading Chestfeeding or Breastfeeding

13 Reasons Teens Have Sex

A teen might be thrilled to begin driving. Their parents might even let them try driving in some remote location. This does not mean they should begin driving at this point in their life.

Before You Seek Therapy For Your Child

Photo by Michelle Kaye  Before You Seek Therapy for Your Child* 10 Helpful Tips! Cut out 20% of the TV watching (100% of the shows depicting violence, disrespect of parents, dummying down of fathers/husbands, and those that portray women as sex objects). Reduce “electronic time” (computers, texting and internet phones, video games) by 40% (100% … Continue reading Before You Seek Therapy For Your Child