Is Tracy Lamperti A Christian?

If I’m going to take a hit professionally 99.9% of the time it has something to do with being a Christian. Here are some the populations I have worked successfully with; drug addictspregnant drug addictsyoung, unwed motherssingle by choice mothersparents who are accused of child abuse or neglectLGBTQjuvenile delinquentsvictims of abuseperpetrators of abuseanti-gun peoplepro-gun peopleDemocrats … Continue reading Is Tracy Lamperti A Christian?

Confirmation Bias

Do you struggle with this? Does someone you love struggle with this? Do you both struggle with this? Confirmation bias is when you have an opinion or belief about someone and as information comes in, you select in every piece of information that validates or confirms your opinion or belief and you filter out every … Continue reading Confirmation Bias

Are You Someone’s Neighbor?

Are You Someone’s Neighbor? When I was born, I was given the blessing of wonderful neighbors.  They were my grandparents’ age and their names were Linda and Louis.  They lived a few houses down on the same side of the street and they loved me, and my brother and mother. I spent many days as … Continue reading Are You Someone’s Neighbor?