Blindfolded Trust Walk

Six Benefits To This Family Activity Fun - spend time together doing something you've probably never done before!Connection - you'll be touching (holding hands) for this whole activity.Trust - you'll be counting on your leader to lead you well, both the unblindfolded leader at the front of the line and the leader right in front … Continue reading Blindfolded Trust Walk

Hardship Reveals Character

Every time you see “garden,” substitute it with COVID-19, cancer, an affair, car accident, death. We all get thrown for a loop at times. Some of us more than other, some of us harder than others, some of us may not truly have experienced this kind of life disruption in any kind of significant way. … Continue reading Hardship Reveals Character

When A Family Works Together

Next thing you know, your children are putting down their devices and scheming about how to build a fort under the table or in the back yard and deciding what they will need. Win! Win! Who doesn't want that?!

Feeling Alone In A Room Full Of People

Do you ever feel alone in a room full of people? What if that room was your house, the people were your family and you were a child. Children will adapt in order to mediate their feelings and experience. Some children will act out (misbehavior). Some children will act in (anxiety and depression). Some children … Continue reading Feeling Alone In A Room Full Of People