Blindfolded Trust Walk

Six Benefits To This Family Activity

  1. Fun – spend time together doing something you’ve probably never done before!
  2. Connection – you’ll be touching (holding hands) for this whole activity.
  3. Trust – you’ll be counting on your leader to lead you well, both the unblindfolded leader at the front of the line and the leader right in front of you. They’ll be counting on you also!
  4. Attention and focus – if you don’t pay attention, you’ll put everyone at risk of a trip and fall and you’ll be at risk of the trip and fall also.
  5. Insight – if this goes well, you will have confirmation that your family can work well together. If it does not go well, you will be able to assess what did not go well and work to correct it; attitudes, following instructions, giving instructions, being attentive…
  6. Fresh air! – nature is good for the lungs and good for the soul!

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