Join many others in committing to strengthening the family this year!


This two prong approach involves;

1. Connecting with each other in a meaningful way once per week with activity cards. The activity cards will help your family by providing topics and projects to focus on. Depending on many factors, like the size of your family and age of children, the activities are intended to take as little as 15 minutes per card. Less is more when it comes to these activities. Focus. There is power in simplicity!

24 Activity cards to bring you together as a family.

2. Connecting with each other in a meaningful way, ideally, once per week but at least every other week with family meeting. The Rules will provide your structure for success and the elements will mean that you always have a topic to put on the table! You are not expected to cover the 10 elements in each family meeting. Covering two would be an incredibly successful working time together!

Rules provide structure for safety and success.

Elements mean that there is always a purpose to your time together.

The notebook will ensure that everyone’s great ideas are recorded and followed up on.

Stickers provide added motivation and reminders.

The guide (image coming soon) will see you through the challenges and questions you may have during the process. It is a connecting opportunity for mom and dad to put their heads together and really examine their “family design.”

This sticker on your water bottle, car, mirror, etc. will remind you and others how very important family is to our children and to a healthy society and next generation!

Tap this NFC card to your NFC compatible device for informational videos.

Special Invite to this private fb group just for users of #2020YearOfTheFamily.